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Publishing: Managing your Bibliography

In this guide, you will find information to support authors from the Polytechnique Montréal community who must publish technical reports, theses or dissertations.

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Adding citations to an article: authors’ guide

When you publish an article in a journal, you will obviously include references. Since every journal has its own specific presentation styles, it may be difficult to figure out how you should proceed. To know which bibliography style to choose, consult the section dedicated to authors on the journal’s website. Look for the section with the title, "Guide for Authors", "Submission Guidelines", "Resources for Authors" or "Author Guidelines", for example. You should be able to find the information you need on how to format your references and present tables and figures.

Complete a citation

If you’re missing information to complete a bibliographic reference to add to a document, use one of our search tools to find the citation in question. You can also easily use the search field in Google Scholar, found to the right, and note down the information you’re looking for.

Managing Your References

Bibliographic software allows you to import and manage personal databases of bibliographic references.

> EndNote
> BibTeX