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3D Printing: Printing

Verifying files before you print

Microsoft and Netfabb offer a free service to verify and repair various model formats, including STL, OBJ, and 3MF. You can test your files before you print and prevent unwanted surprises.

Also consult our Tips and Advice section for other steps in the verification process.

Produce, sell, buy

Once your model is complete and your file verified, your last step is to print it!

Several 3D printers are available in the Mechanical Engineering Department or in some technical societies. The Library also offers a 3D-printing service in partnership with PolyFab, Polytechnique’s Fab Lab.

You can also buy your own printer from one of the manufacturers listed below or use an on-demand printing service.

These services usually offer a wide range of materials (plastic, metal, ceramic, etc.), some of which may be quite expensive. Some also offer a resale service, allowing you to market your creations to the general public, whether they are works of art, toys or even specialized machinery parts.

Can you build your own 3D printer? Yes, you can!

PolyFab gave a workshop/conference at the Library in April 2015 to show how relatively easy and inexpensive (in addition to being very educational!) is to build your own 3D printer. There are several ready-made kits to be assembled, but you can also put together your own 3D-printer building kit! 

Consult the pdf version of this presentation.


Some 3D-printer manufacturers
Models for the general public: Professional models:


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