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APA and IEEE Citation Guide / Avoiding Plagiarism

Legal photocopying

All reproduction of work protected by copyright must be authorized and is subject to the:

  • Copyright Act
  • Copyright Holder
  • Agreements between Polytechnique Montréal and the Société québécoise de la gestion collective des droits de reproduction (COPIBEC).

For more information, consult the "University Licence" page of the COPIBEC Website.

Preparing Lecture Notes

​Consult this page of the Service de la reprographie (in French only) to learn how to reproduce copyright-protected texts or images in your lecture notes.

Using electronic resources correctly

Database, book and journal collections are offered to faculty, students and staff at Polytechnique Montréal pursuant to contracts between the Library and the suppliers of these resources. Users must comply with the Copyright Act and the rules set forth in the contracts signed by the Library. We invite you to consult, as an example, Elsevier’s Rules (published by ScienceDirect) as detailed in their pamphlet :  "Ways to Use Articles Published by Elsevier: A Practical Guide".

Non-compliance with the Copyright Act or licensing agreements can result in the at-fault users losing related privileges.

In certain cases, misuse can lead to the temporary or permanent interruption of access for all Polytechnique Montréal users.

Here is a general overview of what is considered acceptable and unacceptable use of electronic resources:

Acceptable use

It is generally acceptable to:

  • Conduct research in databases and in collections of electronic documents, and to display and print search results for personal research and study use;
  • Download and save a reasonable number of bibliographic references, individual articles and short passages from books on a local drive (hard disk, CD, etc.) for personal research and study use.

Unauthorized use

It is strictly forbidden to grant access to resources paid by the Library to users who are neither professors, students nor staff of Polytechnique Montréal.

It is generally unacceptable to:

  • Reproduce or download, in a substantial or systematic manner, content from databases, e-journals and e-books (e.g., downloading full issues of an e-journal is considered unacceptable);
  • Create derived products such as local document databases;
  • Redistribute the data, and printed or downloaded texts to other users.

Copyright Guide

For more information, consult the Guide de l'Université de Montréal sur le droit d'auteur (in French only)

Understanding Copyright

Consult this Quebec work for an overview of Canada’s Copyright Act.

Managing Your References

Bibliographic software allows you to import and manage personal databases of bibliographic references.

> EndNote
> BibTeX
> Zotero

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