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Keeping Up-To-Date : Current Awareness

Evaluating your keeping up-to-date activities

While often neglected, follow-up is an important step in the awareness cycle.

   Follow-ups are relevant to make sure you still have everything covered.


The questions you should ask yourself regularly are:

  • Is my informational need still valid?
  • Are there new sources to add or sources that should be removed for lack of relevance?
  • Are there sources that do not generate any information? If so, is the problem with the collection tool or rather with the source’s contents?
  • Are there any search strategies to adjust (which either generate too many results that have little relevance or only a few results that are really relevant)?

In order to evaluate your current awareness activities, keep statistics about the number of articles read, collected, and used with your awareness plan.

Evaluating the information found

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