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This guide offers basic information on open access.

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What is open access (OA)?

The purpose of this guide is to provide basic information on open access to scientific literature, a topic that concerns Polytechnique Montreal researchers, who publish various types of documents.

Open access to scientific information is part of a much larger trend. In the academic world, the open access movement aims to provide free access to research results, without compromising quality. This movement has grown significantly in recent years and is currently transforming the world of scientific publishing.

The idea behind open access is to make information public: to render information often derived from funded research (articles, data, etc.) accessible to everyone for use and study.

To be classified as open or free, information must, among others, be free of price barriers and available in common and generally accessible formats. Several public agencies have open access policies so that the data and the results of publicly funded research are accessible to all.

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