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Keeping Up-To-Date : Current Awareness > Finding Experts

This guide aims to teach you how to set up your own current awareness system with basic tips and tools.

How to find experts from scientific databases

Using the number of citations

By searching for authors who wrote on your topic of interest and who obtained a high number of citations in databases such as Web of Science and search engines such as Google Scholar;

Examples of expert searches in a database and a search engine that include bibliometric data :


Using the number of publications

By finding authors with high numbers of articles on your topic. This is usually possible by using the refining options of bibliographic databases.

The video below shows how to use the author search filters in Web of Science.

Note: As of July 2021, there is a new Web of Science interface. The procedure shown in this video remains the same.

How to find experts in scientific communities

Knowledge communities help you find collaborators, competitors, and potential partners.

Academic or professional social networks for researchers also help identify experts in a certain field. For information on networking, consult the guide Promoting Your Research Activities.

Here are some examples of such social networks: