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Search in Sofia: Check Out, Requested Items and Fees

Check Out, requested items and fees

To see what you have checked out, placed on hold and any fines that may have accrued, click on the ‘Sign In’/your account button > ‘My Account’.

  • Checkouts: Items currently checked out to you, along with their due dates, are listed on the "Checked Out" tab. Items can be sorted and renewed using the "Renew Items".
  • Requests : Holds you have placed on titles are listed on the "Requested" tab. Holds can be sorted as well as cancelled using the "Cancel Requests" button and edited using the "Edit Request" link.
  • Fees: Any fines owed are listed on the "Fees" tab. Charges can be sorted and fees paid using the "Pay Fees" button. Follow further on-screen instructions to complete fee payment.