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This guide provides fast and easy access to free resources providing statistics and survey microdata on various topics.

Data Processing

Several sources provide aggregate statistical data, i.e. data that have already been processed and are usually presented in tabular form. However, in order to perform advanced and customized analysis, it is often interesting to obtain raw data, either by conducting your own survey or by finding existing survey microdata. This requires knowing about statistical analysis methods and using the right tools and software to manage large amounts of data. Here are some useful tools and books.


SPSS is a widely used commercial software platform for statistical analysis, which is not available to the entire Polytechnique community. However, PSPP is a free program very similar to SPSS. The SPSS documentation can also be used for learning PSPP, although some concepts will have to be transposed.

- Main website: PSPP - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation

- See the books on SPSS in our collection.

- Website developed at the Université de Sherbrooke: SPSS at l'UdeS (in French only)

Statistical Methods

See also the Statistics tab in the guide Mathematics that lists several introductory books on statistics for engineers.

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