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Keeping Up-To-Date : Current Awareness

Map of possible information sources

Selecting sources

   Validation tests can help with
the final selection of your
sources and queries.

Testing ensures that awareness results are pertinent, allowing for the validation of the content sought, the time coverage, and the tool’s functionalities.

   Depending on the type of
awareness (defined according
to your objective, subject, the 

type of information sought), the sources mentioned in the map may or may not be relevant.

Current awareness of...

There can be current awareness of...

  • technology - technology watch
  • commerce - commercial intelligence
  • environment - environmental intelligence
  • legislation - legal research
  • marketing - marketing intelligence
  • competition - competitive intelligence, business intelligence
  • etc.

Adapting the search

   When setting up the search
parameters, one should consider
the level of precision one 

wishes to obtain from the source.

For example, it is probably not a good idea to search a very general term such as "aluminum" in the full text of a scientific journal database, yet this search term would be appropriate if one were looking for a report on a governmental site.

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