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Keeping Up-To-Date : Current Awareness

Finding journals relevant to a specific topic

It is possible to find journals pertinent to a search strategy on a specific topic. The search strategy is performed in a bibliographic database, then only journal articles are retained using the document type filter. The titles of the journals with the highest number of results can then be found in the filter column.

Examples of journal searches in bibliographic databases:

   • Exemple with IEEE

Journal table of contents alerts

Most academic journals publish a web feed (email alert or RSS feed) that contains the table of contents of the latest issue or of individual articles that have just been accepted for publication.

When available for a journal, this link is posted on the publisher's website, or the journal's website.

The site below offers a "one-stop shop" interface to subscribe to journals' tables of contents:

Finding journals with high impact factors

The impact factor published in Journal Citation Reports is a measure for assessing the impact of a scientific journal in a field, based on its number of citations.

For more information on this specific metric, and other indicators related to journal impact, consult the guide Promoting Your Research Activities.

  • Search for the impact factor of journals in the specific area of interest, rather than for the impact factor of a single journal;
  • If searching for the impact factor of a specific journal, make sure to compare the number obtained with impact factors of other journals in the same area of interest;
  • Observe trends over a few years, rather than just the last year data.


Example of searching for the impact factors of journals by subject category :

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