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Finding Scientific Articles

Step 6 - Optimize your search strategy

Relevance ratio

After executing your complete search strategy, evaluate the relevance of the first 100 articles and determine if they meet your information need.

Ex.: Out of the first 100 articles, 35 relate to your information need. Your relevance ratio is 35%.

The relevance factor of the obtained articles serves to determine the next step(s) to optimize your search strategy (if lower than 60%).

Too many results?

Did you know...

When you gather information, it is important to record the sources in order to be able to cite them, otherwise, it is plagiarism!

Consult the Ethical Use of Information guide to learn how to cite and manage your references.

Use reference management software to manage your references, create bibliographies, and automatically update them. For information about which software to choose, refer to the Bibliographic Management Software guide.

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