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3D printing  
Bibliographic management (BibTeX, EndNote, citation) 4665

Camille Fitch-Kustcher

Olivia Fernandez Pereda



Computer equipment reservations
Conferences, exhibitions, filming and events Maryse Breton 4659
Course reserve for instructor  
Document purchases and donations  
Geospatial data Olivia Fernandez Pereda 2129
Guided tours and open house Maryse Breton 4659
Help and reference desk 4665
Information literacy instruction and literature reviews Manon Du Ruisseau 7205
Interlibrary loans 4846
Loan service 4849
Partnerships with services and students organisations Maryse Breton 4659
Professor expertise profiles, publications and repository (PolyPublie) 3740
Social media Maryse Breton 4659
Statistical data Olivia Fernandez Pereda 2129
Welcome and orientation of new professors Manon Du Ruisseau 7205
Word and LaTeX templates for dissertations and theses Arina Soare 5970


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