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Example of a Document with a Reference List in APA 7th

Title of my document

In order to support my point of view, I am going to cite the documents I consulted: the first one (Manasreh, 2011, pp.302-303), the second one (Brault et al., 2010), and the third one ("Lanthanoids," 2010).

Additionally, Luttrell and Conley (2011) show the health consequences of exposure to benzene.

I also insert here a pertinent figure:

Figure 1. Universal oil products platforming process. From "Benzene," by W. Fruscella, in C. Ley (Ed.), Kirk-Othmer Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology (p. 605), 2002, Wiley ( Copyright 2002 by Wiley. Reproduced with permission.


Brault, J.-M., Comeau, Y., Perrier, M., & Stuart, P. (2010). Modeling thermomechanical pulp and paper activated sludge treatment plants to gain insight to the causes of bulking. Water Environment Research, 82(4), 362-373.

Fruscella, W. (2002). Benzene. In C. Ley (Ed.), Kirk-Othmer encyclopedia of chemical technology (pp. 596-624). Wiley.

Lanthanoids. (2010). In J. Daintith & E. Martin (Eds.), A dictionary of science (6th ed.). Oxford University Press.

Luttrell, W. E., & Conley, N. L. (2011). Benzene. Journal of Chemical Health and Safety, 18(4), 32-33.

Manasreh, O. (2011). Introduction to nanomaterials and devices (3rd ed.). Wiley.

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