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Saved Searches

To save a search, click on the “Save Search” button at the top left of the results list. The search terms used, the restrictions, the sorting option and the grouping modes, as well as the databases searched are saved. You can save up to 100 searches.

To access your saved searches, click on “Saved Searches” in the drop-down menu below your profile’s name.

Searches can be executed again by clicking on their title. To delete a search, select it and click on the “Delete Searches” button.

Saved Searches

Saved Items

To save an item, either look at the search results and click on “Save”, which is located under the item, or check in the upper right-hand corner of the detailed record.

To manage your saved items, click on the “Saved Items” link in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

You can add saved items to a personal list, delete them, move them to an existing list or send them by email.

Create List

  • Create List: From the “Saved Items” page, select one or more items and click the “Create List” button to add the selected items into a personal list. Give your list a title and choose the desired level of privacy. By default, a list is “Private” so it is only visible from your account. By moving the “Privacy” slider to the right, the list is given a “Shared” status. The “Shareable Link” allows you to copy and distribute your list, you can add a note to the item using the “Add Note” button.

To access your saved lists, check the “My Personal Lists” section in your profile’s drop-down menu.

You can also import previously created lists from by clicking “Import My Lists” from the drop-down menu below your profile. To import them into Sofia, you must first export your lists from the catalogue in CSV format. Saved items that are not included into a list will be deleted at the end of your work session. Note that you are asked to delete your list of saved items before leaving a public computer as the items will be temporarily visible to other users.

  • Email: Send the selected items to the email address of your choice. A message may be included by clicking the “Email” button.
  • Cite: Hit the “Cite” button to see examples of the bibliographic references of your items. Choose the style in the menu and copy/paste the citations. However, pay attention to the way in which the bibliographic reference is written, as they often contain errors. We recommend that you always check it by consulting the guides APA and IEEE Citation Guide / Avoiding Plagiarism. You can also export citations and create a file containing the bibliographic references. Afterwards, you can dowload them in a bibliographic management software. For more information about bibliographic management softwares, read the guide EndNote, BibTeX, Zotero : Managing your References.
  • Move: To move one or more selected items from one list to another, click the “Move” button. You must then select the list where you want to move the items. Note that items can only be moved to existing lists. To move items to a new list, first create the list. Moved items will be removed from the current list.
  • Delete: You can delete individual items from the list or the entire list using the “Delete” button.
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