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Engineering Physics - Energy and Nuclear

Specialist Librarian

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Julien Chevrier
Pavillons Lassonde, 7e étage
Bureau M-7511
514 340-4711 poste 3935


Our team of specialist librarians has created this guide, which offers you quick and easy access to electronic and print resources in the field of energy and nuclear. However, most of the resources in this guide are about nuclear engineering. For other information sources about energy, please consult the guide Mechancial Engineering - Energy Engineering .

Among the numerous resources, you will find reference works (handbooks, dictionaries, encylopedias), as well as article databases and websites.

Document Types

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Useful Links: Engineering Physics - Energy and nuclear

You can consult the library's list of New Acquisitions for the field of

You can browse the list of New Publications in engineering physics. You can fill out our Purchase Suggestion form for any title on this list.


Polytechnique's Directory of Scientific and Technical Publications is a searchable database which contains the majority of Polytechnique Montréal's professors' and researchers' publications.

For any questions, please contact, 514-340-4711 ext. 3740.

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