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Environmental Engineering - General

Importante Notes

Important Notes

  • Environmental impact assessment related to a project or an activity is often described according to a different terminology depending if we are in Quebec or in Canada. In Quebec, an environmental assessment required by the Environment Quality Act (articles 31.1 to 31.9) is usually presented as an environmental impact assessment study. In Canada, the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act (2012) refers to what is typically called an environmental assessment, in which environmental "effects" are evaluated instead of "impacts".
  • Procedures and instructions related to environmental impact assessment studies can change substantially according to the specific legislation of a country or a region. So, when consulting information resources from outside of Canada, it is important to check if they apply to the Canadian or provincial context.

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What is a handbook?

handbook or aide-mémoire provides basic information about a certain subject or topic. It usually contains numerical tables or other calculations which are essential information for engineers in any field.

It also provides professional guidelines and recommendations, such as the best pratices in a certain field of engineering.

> Taylor & Francis eBooks is a collection of electronic reference works, which includes hundreds of handbooks pertaining to all fields of engineering.

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