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Publishing a Thesis or a Dissertation

Articles Included as Chapters or in Appendices

• An thesis by articles should normally contain only one article.

• A dissertation by articles should contain at least one article and additional chapters.

• If you are writing a thesis or dissertation in French that includes articles in English, use the Word template in French. (According to the Guide for Presenting Theses and Dissertations, this is a thesis in French.)

• In certain cases, a literature review on your topic (that you published, was accepted for publication, etc.) can be used in the thesis or dissertation instead of writing a new Literature Review chapter - but only if you are the main author.

• The articles can be inserted as chapters or as appendices. In the Word template it is better to include them as chapters, so the List of Tables and List of Figures be created automatically.

• The articles should have the same format and font as the thesis. Do not insert them in PDF format!

List of Tables and List of Figures for Articles Included as Appendices

• In the Word template, if the articles have been inserted in the appendices, the titles of the articles, sections, subsections and the captions of the tables and figures will not automatically appear in the Table of Contents, the List of Tables, and the List of Figures. See the Word template for instructions on how to add these lines manually.

• However, the LaTeX template includes them correctly and automatically.

Figures and Tables

• The numbering of tables, figures, equations, etc. should include the chapter number. For example, even if the second figure in the article was called Figure 2, it will be called Figure 5.2 in the thesis, if the article is Chapter 5 of the thesis.

• In Word, after copying and pasting the text of the article into the thesis or dissertation, you will need to re-create the captions for the tables and figures and to reinsert the references with EndNote or Zotero. 

• Even though the figures in an article included in the thesis were called Fig. X (e.g., Fig. 2), in the thesis they should be called "Figure" (for example Figure 3.2, if the article is Chapter 3 in the thesis).

• If the introduction of your dissertation or thesis written using the Word or LaTeX template and the IEEE style starts for example with reference [14] instead of [1], it means that the citation numbering starts with [1] in the List of Figures instead of the Introduction. To avoid this, the citations [x] for reproduced figures should not be part of the figure captions. To this end, in Word, the style of citations [x] placed at the end of figure captions should be Normal, and not Caption. For LaTeX, see the Instructions for the LaTeX Template box in this guide.

Reference List

• The thesis or dissertation should have a single reference list at the end of the document (before the appendices).

• The articles included in the thesis should not have a reference list, as their references will appear in the reference list at the end of the document.

• The Word and LaTeX templates usually include the references inserted in the appendices in the reference list at the end of the document.

• Even if an article included in your thesis or dissertation was submitted to or published in a journal that requires another citation style, its references should be in the same style as your thesis (APA and IEEE are recommended).

• If you use the IEEE style, even though the first reference in each article included in the thesis was [1], your thesis cannot have several different references [1]. For example, it is normal that the first reference of the second article included in the thesis becomes [35].

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