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Keeping Up-To-Date : Current Awareness > Processing and Using

This guide aims to teach you how to set up your own current awareness system with basic tips and tools.

Collecting information

Dashboards can integrate and organize different widgets and RSS feeds for easy consultation. Here are some tools to create dashboards:

However, if you prefer email alerts, it may be a good idea to set up filters in your email. You will find information on the subject here:

Dashboard examples

Organizing and citing information

Once you have analyzed the information obtained, you need to organize it so you can access it and cite it correctly. There are two tools available for this:

  • Social bookmarking platforms, such as Diigo or Pocket.
    Social bookmarking "allows users to save, categorize and share a personal collection of bookmarks. Users may also add other users' bookmarks to their own collection and subscribe to other users' lists" (TermiumPlus, 2013).

Some tools combine bibliographic and social functions, such as Zotero and Mendeley.

Managing Your References

Bibliographic software allows you to import and manage personal databases of bibliographic references.

> EndNote
> BibTeX

Citing Your Sources

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