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Interested in the new APA style translated in French by the Library? Check out our Zotero guide in French.

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Camille Fitch-Kustcher
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Subjects: Civil Enginering


Zotero is an open-source and free to use software for managing bibliographic references. This tool allows you to create a personalized database of bibliographic references used during your studies. Bibliographic information can be imported with one click using the Zotero browser extension by providing a DOI or ISBN, or by entering it manually. Zotero automatically generates a reference list of selected publications in a wide variety of styles.

What is open-source software? Open source software is software whose "source code [is] freely available for possible modification and redistribution" (Merriam-Webster). A community of volunteer developers improves Zotero and publishes extensions (plugins) allowing everyone to adapt Zotero to their needs.

Advantages of Zotero

  • Free updates and use of Zotero indefinitely, even after the end of your studies;
  • Create a personalized reference collection in your research domain;
  • Produce lists of references to accompany articles, technical reports, CVS, etc., in over 10 000 bibliographic styles using MS Word or LibreOffice;
  • Automatically generate bibliographies for your thesis or dissertation using MS Word or LibreOffice;
  • Export references in the .bib format, and insert them in a LaTeX file;
  • Easily import multiple references into a Zotero library with a click using the browser extension;
  • Link full-text copies of publications to your documents;
  • Compatible with Windows, macOS,  Linux or even via mobile apps;
  • Create group libraries that can be shared for collaborative work;
  • Create an account on to access your references from any computer.
Please note that all screenshots and instructions in this guide are tailored to use Zotero on a PC. For other operating systems, the recommended paths and menu titles may differ slightly.

User manual created by the Library (PDF)

Zotero : Manuel d'utilisation (.pdf) (updated September 2023)

This manual explains how to optimize Zotero's primary features (available only in French).


The Library offers free Zotero workshops for all members of the Polytechnique community.

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