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How to Write and Publish a Scientific Article

How to choose a journal

With the multitude of journals on the market and the proliferation of the new ones, it is not always easy to choose to which journal to submit your paper.

Therefore, to avoid wasting time and to comply with the guidelines of each journal, it is best to choose the journal to which you want to submit your article even before beginning to write the article.

How can you be sure you make the right choice?

By clicking on the topics below, you will find a few related questions that will help you choose a journal. Generally, you can find the answers to these questions in the journal's Guide for Authors.

Suitability between the topic of the article to be submitted and the journal

Discoverability, visibility, and reputation of the journal

Publication time frames

What are the journals your peers publish in?

Consult the guide Journals by Department to learn about the main journals in which your colleagues at Polytechnique Montréal have published over the past 5 years.

Tips for finding journals by subject

Wondering in what journal to publish? Find journals publishing in your field by performing a subject search in a bibliographic database and by filtering the results to retain only journal articles. Then, discover the titles of journals in which the relevant articles were published.

Examples of searching a bibliographic database for relevant journals related to a subject:

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