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Directory of Expertise

Polytechnique Montréal’s Directory of Expertise and Research Units highlights the expertise of professors and researchers at Polytechnique Montréal.

This database provides information on Polytechnique's:

  • Specific expertise in various fields of engineering;
  • Professors and researchers;
  • Research units;
  • Research centers;
  • Research groups;
  • Industrial Research Chairs or Canada Research Chairs;
  • Laboratories.

Polytechnique professors and researchers are invited to submit the information necessary to create and update their expertise profiles by contacting the Library's Research Dissemination Service at

Directory of Scientific and Technical Publications

The Directory of Scientific and Technical Publications disseminates the list of scientific publications of professors and researchers at Polytechnique Montréal. This Directory, produced by the Library, is updated four times a year. 

The types of documents included are:

  • Journal articles;
  • Patents;
  • Conference papers;
  • Books and book chapters;
  • Theses and dissertations submitted to Polytechnique Montréal;
  • Technical reports.

The Directory is used, among other things, to generate the list of publications in the professors' and researchers' profiles in the Directory of Expertise and to conduct some analyses of research at Polytechnique Montréal. Any professors or researchers who wishes to obtain his or her list of publications from this Directory can request it. Several formats are available, such as EndNote, BibTex or references in different styles.

For any questions regarding the Directory, please contact

Spotlight on expertise

The Spotlight on expertise pages highlights fields studied by several professors and researchers at Polytechnique Montréal. They also contain detailed descriptions of research projects of professors who are looking for students to join their team.

Visit Transport and mobility to explore how the experts at Polytechnique Montréal strive to find sustainable solutions to improve the quality of life of citizens and to optimize their travel.


Polytechnique Montréal is also one of the most important centres of research on water resource management in Canada and around the world. Water research is an increasingly essential issue for the future of the planet, and several researchers at Polytechnique Montréal are devoting their expertise to it.

Awards and Honors

Several members of Polytechnique Montréal have been recognized by their peers as leaders and role models in their respective fields.

Some of these prizes and awards are presented on this page.

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