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Promoting Your Research Activities

Tips and tricks to increase the visibility of your publications

  • Make sure you write your name the same way throughout your career, because it will make it easier to find your articles in databases. Also, if your name is very common, you can add an initial or a middle name to your author's name in order to distinguish yourself from other authors with the same name as you.
  • Register for an ORCID iD
  • Make sure you write your affiliation correctly and consistently (use a standardized version of your affiliation).
  • Post your list of publications on your institutional website, if possible. At Polytechnique Montréal, the profiles of professors and researchers in the Directory of Experts include their publications listed in the Directory of Scientific and Technical Publications. The institutional website is usually the most reliable official access point for obtaining an author's list of publications. Often, it is also one of the first results obtained by searching the web for your name. Consequently, to increase the visibility of your publications, it is very important to list them on your institution's website.
  • Publish your articles in open access journals (green road or gold road). Deposit your publications in an institutional repository, such as PolyPublie, when possible. Studies show that open access increases the number of citations.
  • Favor the use of the official URL containing the DOI rather than another URL when sharing the link to your articles. This way, it will be considered for calculating alternative impact measures, such as Altmetrics.
  • Provide a clear and concise title and abstract. Use the vocabulary appropriate for your field.
  • Present your preliminary results at conferences and share your presentations on SlideShare.
  • Choose wisely the journal in which to publish. It is sometimes more appropriate to publish an article on a specific subject in a specialized journal, even if its impact factor is lower.
  • Choose a journal that is indexed in the main databases in your field.
  • Be present on social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) and on reference sharing sites (Mendeley, Zotero, etc.). Became a blogger.
  • Create profiles on various platforms (ORCID, Google Scholar, etc.) and keep them up to date.

For more tips and advice, consult the Bernard Becker Medical Library guide (Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis).

Tips for Scientific Writing and Communication

Well-written articles and well-presented communications have a better impact.

Some documents are suggested below. Consult the guide Presenting an academic work in engineering for more suggestions. 

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