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The Research Dissemination Service was created by Polytechnique Montréal Library in order to help our professors/researchers better disseminate and promote their scholarly publications.

In recent years, the research landscape including the requirements of grant/funding agencies has greatly evolved.  Accordingly, the scientific publications of researchers, which are also an output of an institution’s research activities, must now be freely accessible.  Polytechnique Montréal Library believes that this open access policy should not represent an extra burden for our professors/researchers.

The principal objective of the Research Dissemination Service is to promote our professor’s/researcher’s expertise, mainly through their scholarly publications, while minimizing any administrative tasks needed by them. To accomplish this objective, the following services are provided to all our professors/researchers.

  • A single email address and telephone number for any type of reference questions;
  • A single webpage offering various useful subject guides elaborated and maintained by the library;
  • Consulting services for the bibliographic aspects of scientific and technical publications (open access concept, pricing models, research impact, bibliographic software);
  • Practical help with the open access publishing of journal articles in order to meet the requirements of the Canadian Tri-Agency Open Access Policy on Publications;
  • An institutional repository (PolyPublie) where our professor’s/researcher’s publications are freely accessible;
  • Directory of Polytechnique Scientific and Technical Publications, an online citation database which includes the majority of our professor’s/researcher’s publications.


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Research Dissemination Service
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