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IEEE Citation Guide > Examples of References

Complete reference guide about IEEE-style citations and bibliographies

Reference List or Bibliography according the the IEEE Style

The reference list is placed at the end of the document and the references are listed in order of appearance in the text.

  • Mention all authors for documents with one, two or three authors;
  • For four or more authors, use "First Author et al." In the reference list;
  • Even though the document has a DOI, include only the URL in the reference.

Examples of IEEE References in the Reference List ot Bibliography

These examples follow the format of references according to the IEEEtran style for LaTeX and not the IEEE Editorial Style Manual (these two do not match and IEEEtran is more consistent). They are also consistent with the references created by using the Bilingual LaTeX Template for Dissertations and Theses @ Polytechnique.

Book, handbook, book or handbook chapter, entry in an encyclopedia

Journal article

Magazine article

Conference paper

Master's thesis, PhD dissertation

Technical report



Personal communication

PowerPoint presentation, lecture notes

Web page