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General Information

Alternative impact measures, or altmetrics, complement traditional metrics. They aim to highlight the use of research results on the Internet by considering shares on X, Facebook and other social media, downloads on platforms such as Mendeley, and mentions in blogs, wikis, and news media.

While still a relatively new field, there is research on the link between altmetrics and traditional citations. Results point to positive and weak correlations between alternative and traditional measures (Haustein 2013, Shema 2014, Costas 2014). This could show that alternative measures do, in fact, provide complementary information to traditional metrics.

In 2016, the National Information Standards Organization (NISO) published The Outputs of the NISO Alternative Assessment of the Metrics Project, which includes recommendations on data metrics.

Schéma altmetrics

Altmetrics have become a useful tool for research impact metrics outside academia.


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Searching databases allows you to find various materials such as journal articles, conference papers, dissertations, technical standards, patents, etc. 

You can also restrict your searching to a specific subject area.

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Details about using the bookmarklet available on To obtain information on an article using the bookmarklet, the article must have a Digital Object Identifier (DOI).

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