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Bibliographic management software explained

Criteria and comparison charts


There are other commercial software tools, such as RefWorks, Papers, WizFolio (free for a Starter account), Citavi (free for fewer than 100 references), etc. or free of charge software, such as Qiqqa, Docear, colwiz, JabRef, CiteULike, etc.

How to choose the bibliographic management software that best fits your needs? Here are some criteria:

  • Ideally, adopt the reference management software used by the members of your research group or your department in order to facilitate collaboration with colleagues.


  • Choose EndNote, which is offered free of charge to the Polytechnique community, is installed in the labs, and for which the Library provides technical support.

If not,

  • Establish your needs (e.g., share references with colleagues, work online) and see comparisons in the left box;
  • Find out whether the software you are interested in is free of charge;
  • Check the compatibility of the bibliographic management software with your operating system and your word processor;
  • Consult online tutorials to assess ease of use;
  • Make certain there is technical support available on the Internet (the website of the software, YouTube, discussion groups);
  • Check whether a library created using a certain piece of software can be exported towards a format accepted by other bibliographic management software tools.