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Research Data

Before Uploading Your Data...

● You can deposit your data in several repositories, but avoid doing so in repositories that will assign a different DOI to your data.
Be aware that you are responsible for uploading the data and for the quality of the deposited data.

  • Make sure you have the right to deposit the data, for example if you had an industry partner. Look for this information in your contract or ask the partner's permission. If you need help, contact the Bureau de la recherche et Centre de développement technologique (BRCDT).
  • For any project involving human subjects, check with the Comité d'ethique (Ethics Committee) ( to see if the data could be made public.

● You will need to choose a licence. For instance, the default license in Dataverse is the Creative Commons CC0, but you can choose another type of Creative Commons license, depending on the contract.
● Have the data description and keywords in both English and French, to increase the chance that your dataset is retrieved by other researchers.

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