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Course Reserve

Mandatory and recommended books are located in the Course reserve at the Library service counter.

You can check out :

  • Maximum of 3 items can be checked out for a loan period of 4 hours. No renewals.

Night Loan

The Night loan is a new service that allows you to borrow items from the Course reserve and bring them home after Library hours.

  • This service can be requested at the Library service counter after 7 PM from Monday to Friday, and after 3 PM on Saturday and Sunday.
  • Items need to be returned no later than 1 h after library opening hours the following day or the next business day, before 9:30 AM Monday to Friday or before 11 AM Saturday and Sunday.
  • Overdue fines are 0,50$ per item, every 15 minutes past the due time.
  • If a Course reserves item is brought back late once, a note is added to your account. The second time you bring a Course reserves item late, you lose the Night loans privilege for the duration of the term.
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