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⦁ EndNote is installed with 500 styles, which can be found under C:\Program Files\Endnote 21\Styles\.

To find a style requested by a journal in which you would like to publish, see the 7500 styles provided by EndNote.

All other styles downloaded and opened with EndNote will be saved on your computer under:

C:\Users\<UserName>\Documents\EndNote\Styles for Windows;
/Users/<UserName>/Documents/EndNote/Styles for macOS.

See this path in EndNote ➞ Edit ➞ Preferences... ➞ Folder Locations.
The styles found here have priority over the styles automatically installed with EndNote.

⦁ Unless a specific style has been recommended by your department for your assignments, thesis, or dissertation, the Library strongly suggests that you adopt the APA 7th or IEEE styles.

APA7th_PolyMTL (last updated August 21, 2023)

If you want to publish in a journal that requires a reference list in APA style, use EndNote's APA 7th style. Download the styles in French, if you need them.

⦁ To import references from your EndNote library into the Canadian Common CV, use the style:

IMPORTANT: Do not use Internet Explorer to download the style CV_commun_canadien.

Required Information in the EndNote Fields

The fields in EndNote should contain information in an appropriate format, so that the references can be created correctly according to the chosen style.

Also, use these recommendations to check if your references have been imported correctly.

Examples of information in EndNote for several types of documents, according to the APA7th_fr_PolyMTL style

Note: This information in the EndNote fields will also produce good references according to the IEEE_fr_PolyMTL and IEEE styles.

However, book titles in English should be capitalized for IEEE.

⦁ For 21 authors and more, APA requires listing in the references the first 19 authors ... and the last. The APA7th_PolyMTL and APA7th_fr_PolyMTL styles for EndNote only mention the first 6 authors ... and the last.
 How to set up the APA styles to display the first 19 authors … and the last in the references

Book, handbook, dictionary, encyclopedia

Book or handbook chapter

Entry in an encyclopedia (including Wikipedia)

Entry in a dictionary

Journal article

Newspaper article

Magazine article

Conference paper

Master's thesis, PhD dissertation

Technical report, research report, government report



PowerPoint presentation, lecture notes

Web page (and not website)

Blog post, blog comment

Facebook post, Tweet

Software, mobile app, apparatus, equipment

Film, streaming video

Recorded interview

Data set

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