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This guide offers a quick access to some essential resources in terms of maps and geospatial data.

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Road network of Quebec: Adresses Québec

Adresses Québec is a geobase covering the road network across Quebec, including address ranges, street names, addresses, and municipal boundaries. Data included in this geobase allow for routing management. More specifically, Adresses Québec includes the following databases:

  • AQcarto: Map context
  • AQgéo: Address ranges in flat file
  • AQpro: Address ranges in relational data model
  • AQgéobâti: Geolocated individual addresses
  • AQdirection: Information on routing management
  • AQgéopostal: Postal codes geolocation in Quebec territorial divisions

Please note that the following resources are now available for free on the open data portal Données Québec. An hyperlink to this portal is provided in the product's web page:

  • AQréseau: Road network and street names
  • AQréseau+: Forestry roads, road network, railways, and La Route Verte

To get more help on how to use these data, see also the Guide de l'utilisateur des produits d'Adresses Québec.

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