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Maps and Geospatial Data


Through its SMART program (Spatial Mapping Academic Research Tools), DMTI Spatial (Desktop Mapping Technologies Inc.) allows Canadian academic institutions to obtain geo-localized data gathered from more than 7,000 Canadian sources. Data can be useful for many fields including economics, business, engineering, transport, environment, etc.

CanMap Content Suite

Obtain more than 300 mapping layers including provincial and municipal boundaries and road and rail networks across Canada! This product includes other data sets that can be obtained separately, such as CanMap Route Logistics, CanMap Parks, CanMap Rail, CanMap Water and Enhanced Points of Interest (EPOI).

Help for Market Research

CanMap Address Points provide the geographical coordinates for individual street addresses for all of Canada. One can learn the land use and obtain geographical representations defining the physical location of addresses.

Enhanced points of interest (EPOI) is a national database including over 1.6 million Canadian business listings, places of interest, and recreational destinations in Canada. One can analyze data in a specific geographical area to study tourism and trade.

Routes optimization

CanMap Route Logistics includes major roads, major waterways, local streets, exit points, national parks, address ranges, buildings, floor area, land use, boundaries of the Forward Sortation Area (FSA), speed limits, bridges, and tunnels. Also includes CanMap Street Files. Consult the DMTI brochure for details.

Other DMTI products

CanMap Parks: Contains data on over 1,600 provincial, territorial, and national parks and more than 14,000 recreation areas across Canada.

CanMap Water: Shows the detailed hydrographic network covering Canada and includes more than a million lakes, rivers, and streams.

Clutter data and DEMs: Clutter data are classified according to the natural or man-made features that could reduce the radio frequencies propagation by reflection, diffraction, absorption or diffusion.

  • Data set covering Canada, presented in 10 classes of land cover (freshwater, ocean, deciduous forests, coniferous forests, airports, industrial, urban, buildings, urban center and swamps).
  • Images derived from satellites (10 m resolution) to certain regions of interest shown in 10 or 17 classes of land cover.

GeoPinpoint Suite: Software that adds explicit coordinates to data by address geocoding. This provides for assigning latitude and longitude coordinates to facility maps for addresses visualization, analysis, or software using location data.

Postal Codes

The CanMap Postal Code Suite (previously named Platinum Postal Code Suite) provides 6-digit postal code boundaries, full information on points of calls with delivery mode (e.g., postman route), and data for forward sortation areas with precision down to the neighborhood level.

DMTI - CanMap products

Consult the DMTI brochure for information on the CanMap products. You can also view CanMap sample files in various formats.

Access Data

To get access to the DMTI Spatial products, contact

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